Show & Race Ready Equine Sports Massage

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For the unskilled or time consumed.

Benefit your show or racehorse with the benefits of the non-invasive alternative therapy of equine sports massage. Help your athlete perform and train better with the many benefits of equine sports massage. Your horse will better be able to perform and carry out the strenuous demands us horse man tend to place upon them - increased training, flexibility, health and mobility will also increase your horse's over-all performance. 

You will see the benefits and the results in your partner.


It's that time of year again - show season, for those who do not show year round. Now's the time to plan for all of those horse shows whether 4-H, local or rated.

The traditional art of braiding and clipping is all too often dismissed, whether because the competitor is unskilled at these tasks or time consumed. But you don't want to detract from your horse's performance with shoddy braids and a wooly coat. Sometimes, the extra detail in appearance is the deciding factor between placings. 

 Maybe you don't show but still ride your hairy horse during the winter weather. Low trace clips or Irish clips offer  a convenient way to help your horse not sweat so easily and to help with the cooling down process, while still providing the winter warmth of a heavy winter coat. These low trace clips are workmanlike and show excellent stable management skills due to their benefits and appearance... look sporty in the show ring too with these clips. 

Showing is an art - and it's a sport too.

The competitive horse world is about beauty and guts!

Allow me to help your competitive horse be more successful through the benefits of equine sports massage and also provide services to allow you and your horse to make the traditional classy and elegant appearance in the show ring too.

Helping your sporthorse become a better athlete.

This is a service for the show'er, but more so for the horse.

Serving South Jersey, some parts of DE, MD, and PA.