Show Ready Braiding and Clipping

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Price List


Specializing in hunter show braided manes and tails (button braids as a specialty soon).

I do provide yarn, quick braid, etc.

I ask that the horse show'er provide a sleazy, a stable blanket, vet wrap, a standing wrap, and a tail bag based upon what is being done to the horse.

Please have your horse's mane pulled prior to your braiding appointment.


  • Tail braiding - $30-
  • Tail w/ pinwheel - $35-
  • Tail braiding WITH a paid braided mane - $25-
  • Braided mane - $50-
  • Mane pull - $20-
  • Tail banging - $5-

There will be an extra fee if the mane is not pulled prior to the braiding appointment.  

Prices are subject to changes.


Some horses may need to be sedated for a full body clip. The responsibility of sedation is up to the owner's discretion and administration. Ace does not really sedate the horse enough for clipping. If your horse is not good with getting his or her's face and legs clipped, I'd advise getting a high trace clip.

I request the owner have the horse bathed, sheeted and stabled prior to a clipping appointment.


  • Full body clip - $125-
  • High trace clip - $95-
  • Medium trace clip - $65-
  • Low trace clip - $30-
  • Irish/Apron Clip - $45-
  • Trim - $25-

The horse MUST be bathed prior to the appointment as a dirty horse is not clippable - it's not only hard on the clippers, however the clip job will not be as nice.

Prices are subject to vary due to the extent of the clip job. All clip jobs are unqiue to the owner's discretion.