Show Ready Braiding and Clipping

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Clip Examples

Please note that all horses are unique. Some have a higher clipping tolerance than others and also all have a unique body type.

These are only rough examples of different clip outlines. I do not strictly follow these graphic examples. 

Useful for outdoor horses in light work.

Same as Fig. 01 but only with top of the legs removed.

Only the front part of the neck and chest.

Additional hair is taken off in the girth line and front of the neck.

Very sporty for horses in moderate work.

Popular harness horse clip, for riding horses that sweat easily during workouts but that is still stabled outdoors.

For outdoor horses, the heads should be left unclipped.

For stabled horses in show or heavy work.

Popular steeplechaser clip. Helps keep essential muscles still warm.

Suitable for horses in extreme work.

An extreme clip for those extreme workouts, you should exercise with a rug meanwhile.

Turnout should be limited, fully body clip.

Justin & Irish Clip